0251F: Baby Talk

After work today, I finally got to meet Tobie's new nephew. I kept missing previous encounters since typically (and ironically) I was in Singapore with my own nephew when Tobie would make time to visit them. We didn't quite hit it off but that's understandable since I was a new face for him. I'll could probably win him over given enough time and repeat visits.

I didn't really get all that excited about babies for like the longest time. I think the last time I was genuinely interested in someone's infant was when my younger brother was born. But I wasn't exactly old enough to fully appreciate that experience either since I was still in grade school at the time.

Now I'm just fascinated by the whole process. Following Mason's development has become my road map for sort of how babies work, so I get to participate in conversations about baby sleeping patterns and how soon they start to crawl and walk. It's generally knew of these things before but now my knowledge feels somehow more genuine. It's a weird experience but an interesting and fulfilling one.