0251E: Convention Weekend Ahead

This weekend Tobie will be at the Indie Fiesta at the 2019 Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit to feature his latest RPG release, the Studio Ghibli-inspired Cat's Dream. this marks the third year that Tobie will be participating in the event and I remain very proud of his creative efforts and his continued contributions to the tabletop gaming world. It's been a colorful year, to say the least, but at the end of the day Tobie is still a creator who loves this hobby and continues to be a unique voice with some even more innovative ideas of what games can be like.

Over the years ESGS has also been a great venue for meeting other game creators and this has helped Tobie form an interesting network of friends and contacts. The main thing that unites everyone is their passion and drive for creativity and their willingness to take a risk and put themselves out there through their games. And there are all sorts of interesting creations. As much as this particular venue is largely for electronic games, the Indie Fiesta section has done a lot to support all sorts of local creators including those who have brought card games and board games with a distinct local flavor to life. And it's always nice to be among such inspiring individuals.

It's going to be a crazy, tiring, busy weekend for sure, but it's also going to be a great one. I know Tobie loves being out there with fellow creators and celebrates the opportunity to meet new people and share his love for gaming.