0251A: Keto Compromises

We had a hearty dinner at Max's after work because we have plans to head out to O Bar later tonight. Being on keto means being more likely to get drunk quicker and so we do our best to load up on food to help compensate. The rest of the night will have me alternating bottles of water in-between drinks. And for the full keto experience, these days I just have vodka and soda water and not much else.

Our schedule sort of fell into this configuration because complications in our gaming schedule bumped other things around and suddenly Friday night was totally free. And so here we are.

We don't go out as often as we used to - gaming still takes up most of our free time. But the occasional O Bar night is still quite the happy indulgence and one that I'm glad to still work into our routine despite me being on keto. Sure, I can no longer indulge in things like O Bar's delicious popcorn or their anchovy pizza, but at least I can still enjoy their chicharon bulaklak, right?

Priorities. LOL