02514: Crazy Good Times

It was a rather busy but thankfully productive work week. Always still a lot left to do but I like where we're at.

Enjoying our new Google Wifi-enabled home. It's the same old PLDT DSL internet collection but now working more optimally with the mesh network in place. And yes, I have no more connectivity issues in the bathroom. LOL

We had a great time at O Bar last night to join in celebrating a friend's birthday. The earlier show schedule was a pretty interesting shift in the night's activities and it means we get to go home a little earlier than before. We still had a wild time though, so it was certainly a night well-spent.

Today was my weekly session with Mom, which included a nice lunch and a significant amount of shoe shopping. It was amusing to bring her to the same RUNNR store where I got my running shoes and after she went through the assessments she ended up buying the female version of the shoes I got. Twinsies of a different color!

But now I'm just packing games to bring to today's board game session. Hopefully, the rains stop by the time Tobie gets home so it's less of a hassle to travel.