02512: One Step at a Time

There will always be so many things that we want to do in life and never enough time to cover everything. This notion always comes back to me from time to time, ironically enough during periods when I feel like I'm getting a lot done in my life.

Like now I'm happy with the progress that I'm making with my tasks at work, but I also know there are things that I still need to catch up with. I'm happy that I've started exercising more but I also know that I've yet to make it truly regular it's a struggle to get out in the morning sometimes. I'm happy with the Sietch but I also know that we probably need a bigger place and I really should invest time into exploring options before we're forced to renew for another year.

But yeah, we take all that life has to throw at us one at a time. We celebrate the little wins that happen here and there and we use our shortcomings as motivation to keep pushing further. What that means exactly differs for everyone and we'll need to really invest a lot of time and effort into figuring it out for ourselves.