02510: Staycation Misunderstanding

Every now and then, the notion of going on a staycation comes to mind but then I can never fully justify it. As nice as it is to stay in a hotel for a change of pace, when it comes down to what we'd actually do while there has me drifting back home.

As a geeky couple who already enjoys a lot of indoor activities, the Sietch is definitely our happy place. We're more than glad to stay home for entire weekends given the wealth of entertainment content to watch and of course, the many, many tabletop games to play. If we did book a hotel weekend, I suspect we'd end up hauling a significant number of board games with us just to keep us occupied.

Full-on travel makes more sense to me since there will be things to see and experience in the far-off location. Whether a beautiful beach or fascinating museums, travel has a lot to offer. And in our experience, hotels end up being where we spend the least amount of time.

So maybe my problem with staycations ties more to how I view and interact with hotels? Since I largely treat it as bed space, there's no reason to just check-in? Then again, there are hotels with nice spas like the much-publicized Okada or even aquatic-themed H2O hotel (if it's still open) that has something else to offer beyond just nice clean rooms.

Or maybe a hotel stay would be more fun with other friends - which risks it becoming an overnight game night or some other fun group activity. But that again misses the point.

Ultimately, we end up staying home at the Sietch and we enjoy our largely quiet weekends at home. and of course, there are the tabletop game sessions that add a little color to things but also have a definite beginning and end.