0250D: Singapore Saturday Satisfaction

This was a somewhat atypical Singapore Saturday compared to prior ones because of newer friends and other explorations. In this case, my day started with going on a long walk up and down the nearby stretch of the Singapore River with the dog Dougie in tow as a walking companion. It wasn't quite as exhilarating as a proper jog, but I did enjoy getting some physical activity in along with happy doggie time. I may have tired him out a bit though since we walked for nearly an hour.

After meeting a longtime Twitter friend for dinner yesterday, today I got to meet up with another friend that we had met at an O Bar night a few months back. I had promised to let him know the next time I'd be in town (since he's based here) and thankfully he was free to meet today. I figured we'd just have a quick chat over coffee but we ended up talking about god knows what for over two hours. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

By the evening I reconnected with my sister and her husband (aside: both this term and "brother-in-law" sound weird in my head - I need a better way of identifying him in these posts) after an event they had to attend for the day and we got some office errands done. Then we tried out a different Korean place for the first time and had quite the hearty dinner after what was quite the long day for everyone.

Could have mapped out plans to go out tonight, but admittedly I'm feeling the lethargy of age and am opting to stay in. I have multiple streaming services to choose from and I have a wealth of digital reading material at my disposal, so it's not like I don't have other things to do tonight. Plus the lack of quality drag entertainment in this country is somewhat depressing.