0250A: Whoa, Wednesday

And just like that, we're midway through the week and it sort of feels like a blur. Work has kept me pretty busy, as is always the case, while the rest of the time is happily spent with family - particularly my nephew. He's turning one year old tomorrow and he just continues to become even more of a delight.

I guess I don't feel as pressured to like "do something" outside of work for this trip since I made sure to include the weekend in our plans. The workweek is always quite hectic and it will be nice to have a bit more free time to just chill and have more family time. We should be able to go out a bit, although there are still some other activities that will eat up some of that time. Those are the kicks in this industry, I suppose.

There's still so much to do and not as much time as I'd like to get it all done, not factoring in the other client meetings and such. But we'll make it work, as we always do.

In other news, at least I don't feel as weary as I did yesterday. I was able to catch up on sleep some more last night and yet still got up early for a little walk around the neighborhood before work with Mason in the stroller and the dogs following my sister. It's a nice area and it's I haven't really explored much on foot.

3 days down. 4 more to go.