0249E: Keto Meal Pattern Recognition

Every day this week my lunch has consisted of leftover protein (typically something Tobie has roasted) and miscellaneous greens (typically stir fried in olive oil and perhaps butter). As long as we have supplies at the Sietch, this is the general flow of my keto-compliant lunches at the office.

On days when we don't have leftovers for me to bring to work despite Tobie's best efforts to keep me fed, I end up adding tuna and maybe eggs to the veggie base to make a more substantial stir fry meal. It's still pretty satisfying and definitely a lot more affordable than the alternative which is customizing a salad over at Salad Stop! Because it's the closest keto-friendly restaurant that I have access to around the office.

It probably helps that I'm the sort of person who won't go crazy eating the same thing for lunch every day. Routine and habit are good friends of mine and have helped me through a lot of different "rough spots" in this reality that inevitably drifts toward chaos.

I'm finally back in the neighborhood of 82kg after gaining a little weight around my birthday. Just gotta keep it up so I can try to finally break past the 80kg mark before the month ends.