02507: Pre-Flight Geekery

I'm flying to Singapore in the coming week, so it's just as well that the weekend has had a lot of pre-departure gaming. Between the overnight Finer Gaming Things Club board game session on Saturday night and today's board game session with other friends, it's a good geeky weekend.

The only quirk is that when it comes down to my usual pre-flight checklist, we didn't manage to go to O Bar this time around. Extensive O Bar runs and birthday month-related costs resulted in us not scheduling anything for this weekend before my flight had been confirmed. And as much as we could squeeze something in tonight, it's probably not the smartest thing to do before an international flight.

I'm rather looking forward to this trip since apart from in-country meetings and other work-related stuff, this week is also the first birthday of my nephew. Not quite sure how we're going to celebrate especially given we'll never be all that sure how much he'll remember, but I'm sure we'll make sure he has a lot of fun.

And then I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to meet up with Singapore-base friends. This could very well be my last trip of the year but it's close enough for this to be a major possibility. And I do try to maintain those friendships best I can.

See you soon, Singapore.