02504: Actual Jogging

While I have never really had any serious athletic pursuits in my life apart from learning karate-do for self-defense purposes, I have always had a bit of a love for running. Not that I've ever engaged in the effort to any professional capacity, but I do enjoy going on jogs and losing myself in my thoughts as the rest of me goes on auto-pilot, one foot in front of the other.

On and off these days I've gotten back into the habit of walking and jogging when I can for the purpose of exercise. On most weeks I can manage 2-3 sessions with things like the weather being my main complication. It started as just brisk walking and I worked my way up for 1-2 jogging circuits around the park with walking circuits in-between.

After a one-week hiatus due to bad weather, a bum shoulder, and general laziness, I finally set out to jog today as I managed to wake up early enough for it. I'm not sure what came over me but today I decided to see if I could push myself a lot further than before. Instead of taking a break every two circuits around the park, I tried to keep a steady pace for three, four, then finally five circuits before taking things slower again.

It was a bit of a thrill to manage it and not get overly winded. Sure, I wasn't exactly going full-tilt and the pace I kept may have been a little slower than what I've done here and there since I started jogging for fitness. But it did bring back good memories of high school fun runs when I'd be quite content finding a good pace that I could stick to for long stretches instead of going through numerous sprints and walks like some others would. It does bring to mind the notion of "slow and steady wins the race" and all.

I doubt I'll be running any marathons any time soon but it is nice to take my morning jogs up a notch or two given this.