02503: Mid-Week Gaming

One of our newer tabletop RPG campaigns is surprisingly a mid-week one that happens when possible on Wednesday nights. It's a Vampire game using the new 5th edition rules and we're playing through our fourth session today. I've finally decided that the visual peg for forensic investigator character is Alan Tudyk, but preferably one with glasses on. While it can feel silly assigning celebrities as character pegs, but this goes a long way towards helping ground yourself in your character, at least in my experience.

It's nice to have another game on the calendar, especially one that gets to meet for gaming more than once a month. And Vampire is a system that I have a weird history with given our campaigns have never managed to reach a solid ending due to real-world obligations complicating schedules. But hey, we'll see how things go with this one. And thus far the game has been pretty fun as we have a solid crew that's open to some very memorable roleplaying sequences.

As is often the case, I worry that my character is going mad - or at least my ability to view past the veils of the mortal life is not exactly helping me get a firm perspective on things. In other words, the game is developing into something very, very interesting, even if we don't fully understand what's going on.