02502: Arm Damage

When I woke up yesterday, my arm felt wrong. I figured that I had somehow slept on it wrong and that the soreness would pass, but if anything things got worse over the course of the day. I tried stretching it this way and that but the pain just continued to build. By the end of the day, I was starting to feel like half a Frankenstein monster and it probably hadn't been a good idea to wear my work backpack fully as that applied more pressure on my increasingly painful shoulder.

Once home I had to get Tobie to help me take off my bag and he tried some probing massaging to figure out what had gotten gummed up. I couldn't think of anything particularly strenuous I had done apart maybe from O Bar shenanigans all the way last  Friday, but nothing else.

We got our regular massage therapist to pay a visit today and he did his best to break through whatever had frozen my shoulder so. It was a painful affair but the process did help me recover some range of motion afterward.

Tonight I'm feeling almost fully back to normal, but I'm still taking care not to stress the arm overly so. I wish I had a better understanding of what had happened but the internet remains as unhelpful as ever as far as medical matters are concerned. But there is a general agreement that such physical mishaps are more likely to occur after the age of 30, and I'm well past that already. I'm just glad that I'm on the mend and I should be able to go back to the office tomorrow.