02496: Exit Stage Left

Back in March, there was a big announcement that the Rose Theatre company was bringing two Shakespeare productions to Manila for a one-weekend engagement. It was a pricey entertainment investment but one that Tobie and I were looking forward to all this time.

Fast-forward today when I and other ticketholders received a surprise text message from Ticketworld that both shows had been canceled without a reason given and that we were entitled to a refund. While it was thankfully not too difficult to get the refund process initiated (but of course it'll be 2-3 weeks before it shows up on my credit card statement), I'm really more sad about the fact that the play isn't pushing through.

I had been rather looking forward to seeing how a company like this would handle the material -  I mean seriously one that calls the actual Rose Theatre home. And to be fair it was the most expensive production we've booked for the year and it had a sort of position of honor in our theater calendar. And now it's gone. And now we have an empty weekend and we may not be able to schedule an alternate game in time, but we'll see how things go. There's always something fun to do out there in this geeky life we live.

Still, I know this is a minor problem in the greater scheme of things, but I really do feel bad about this. Alas.