02495: First Ketoversary

A year ago on 10 September 2019, I got started on my Keto journey. It was sponsored by my sister and coincidentally my actual meal service coverage at the time started on her birthday. I only lasted on the meal service for a month and after that, I did my best to manage my own intake in a keto manner.

One year later I've lost over 28 kilos and probably need to buy new pants again since I've dropped another size or two and my ring is pretty loose enough to potentially cut me when I wash my face. I barely use my asthma inhaler anymore. I'm no longer pre-diabetic. I'm actually starting to jog several times a week on a fairly regular basis.

Honestly, I haven't felt this good in years.

I'm still far from my interim goal weight of 70 kilos, but I've gotten this far so I'm pretty sure I'll get there eventually. After that, I don't know yet. I'll probably keep going.

When I first started on keto, I figured that I'd stick to the diet until I was out of the major danger zone in terms of diabetes and major heart disease. Now, I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to my old way of living.

Sure, I miss having ice cream and other desserts on a more regular basis and shirataki noodles will never fully replace actual pasta. I miss the experience of pizza with all the evil toppings mixed together and I miss stupid things like maki rolls even though I can at least have sashimi.

But this is still for the best, for the most part. Gotta stay the course. I may be on the keto train (or at least the low carb express) probably for the rest of my life.

Thanks for getting me started, Mina. You've probably saved my life.