02739: Post-Bangkok Report

It was quite the quirky weekend but I'm finally back in Manila as is our mom, while my brother remains in Bangkok and my sister is back home in Singapore. Our two-country family is now a three-country one with technology really earning its keep in terms of keeping the lines of communication open for all of us.

A lot of highs and lows during this trip, but let's go over the bigger items:

  • The credit card is still unusable until I settle recent expenses, but ironically I still didn't spend any of my converted currency while in Bangkok 
  • My Fitbit strap broke even before I left NAIA but I still roughly tracked steps by keeping the sensor in my pocket but I don't have heart rate or sleep data until my replacement straps arrive later this week
  • I had misplaced my Kindle early in the trip and in my frustration nearly immediately ordered a replacement via Lazada (thanks GCash since I didn't have a credit card!) and it's going to arrive later this week. But during our exit from Bangkok I was able to work things out with the airline's customer service team and they had my Kindle. It's was a Christmas miracle! And now...I theoretically have two Kindles.
  • Never got to visit any of the (in)famous Bangkok bars since we really didn't have time for that sort of thing but at least we had a great hotel connected to a pretty interesting mall and we enjoyed a lot of good food. I bet I've gained weight during this period.
It was a good weekend for the most part and I really need to map out a longer trip to Bangkok to better experience the country. And I'm sure such trips are bound to happen given the whole family is thinking of when we're next going to visit the brother.