02736: Pre-Flight Mania

Tomorrow the family is literally meeting up in Bangkok in what has become partly a leisure trip, partly a sendoff, and partly an opportunity to get more work done. I still have a Changeling RPG session set for tonight and I haven't packed yet. But given we'll be there only for the weekend, I won't exactly need to bring all that much.

I'm super drained (on multiple levels of reality) after today's workday given all these different things going on. We have a lot of initiatives in progress and thinking about all that plus the trip is a fair amount to juggle. But it's not all bad stuff or stressful stuff - fighting fires is part of the daily grind, but today was tiring for other reasons.

The implementation of our new HRIS continues on schedule and today got me fussing over a lot of configuration items for the Leaves module. There's something about administrative tasks and data entry that really triggers my more obsessive tendencies and I was determined to get our data in order before the weekend in order to give the implementation team time to get all our stuff uploaded and configured for a full August 1 transition to the new system. It wasn't a perfectly clean process and I discovered a few data inconsistencies here and there, but hey that's part of why we signed up for an HRIS solution in the first place - to help reduce such errors in the future.

All this genuinely excites me, ladies and gentlemen, and I guess my current feelings of fatigue a partly related to the adrenaline crash after getting all my work done. Crazy, crazy times indeed but on the whole I'm even more excited for what's to come.