02731: Electronic Waste Non-Disposal

Part of the clutter of the Sietch is a good number of older laptops that date back to the early days of my relationship with Tobie. There's always that thought that you want to make sure that you really don't need the old computer anymore before letting go of it and then the added challenge of making sure all of your personal data has been cleared before letting it go. Then years go by and the older computers continue to get worse (hence the reason they were replaced) and the option to boot them up again is lost and so it doesn't seem feasible to be able to reboot the unit to factory settings.

Then there's the question of eco-waste as a whole and the safe disposal thereof. We can all vaguely remember seeing mentions of electronic-waste drives at this or that mall but it's hardly a regular thing. For the life of me I can't remember which malls have regular schedules and what those schedules might be and thus we just end up waiting at random for the next opportunity without making the necessary preparations beforehand. And then by the time we discover the next even it feels like we still haven't wiped all the computers properly first so we can't quite dispose of them yet. The cycle continues.

The next-best option appears to be just removing the hard drives independently and getting rid of the rest of the computer through other channels. I know enough about laptop engineering to figure out where the drives are and then maybe I can use our high-powered BuckyBall magnets to make them non-functional or something.

If you folks still reading this blog have other ideas, feel free to give suggestions.