0272B: Hasbro Madness

So Hasbro has announced a new massive War for Cybertron Unicron figure as its first Transformers-related project on their unusual HasLab crowdfunding platform on Hasbro Pulse. It's only the second project announced on the site after a full-size Cookie Monster figure and it's pretty bonkers.

This is going to be the largest Transformer ever created - even taller than the recent Metroplex and Fortress Maximus releases. And the initial model does look quite promising in terms of the level of detail and little features like the telescoping maw while in planet mode. It's a US-only release should the project reach its backer goal, but there are more than enough options for me to throw money at this project only to get this insane figure.

This is not the first Unicron figure ever released. Tobie was generous enough to get me the Transformers Armada Unicron during one of his trips and it remains a prized part of my collection.  But he's nowhere near as large as this monstrosity - heck it's still dwarfed by the aforementioned Titan figures. And I was pretty happy with that being the only Unicron figure I'd ever need.

But this project is massive and should they hit their goal it'll be a must-have figure for any Transformers collector. It's a LOT to think about.