0272A: Bigger Smiles

A friend surprised me today by messaging me just to tell me that he appreciates the "great confidence" he sees in me based on the photos I've been sharing online. It's not something that I've thought about all that extensively but now that it's been mentioned, I realize I do feel pretty different these days.

This mainly is because of my weight loss - that's the biggest change in my life in recent months, so it has to be that. I know I hit a major turning point when I started to need new clothes since my older stuff was getting pretty loose. And the really big step was when I started to fit in clothes that I had outgrown because of my weight including the option to buy Old Navy shirts that are tagged as a Large and not just XL, which is something I haven't been able to do in many, many years.

And as much as I tend to dismiss the value of one's physical appearance alone, I do appreciate liking what I see in the mirror more or really appreciating how much I've changed based on my regular walking-to-work selfies. A lot has changed and there's still a bit of a long way to go as I'm still working towards my goal weight.

So yeah, I guess I do feel a lot better these days. And it's interesting that other people have noticed it before I consciously did.