02728: More Portal Games

Portal Games' first Kickstarter, this being a campaign for the third-edition of Pret-a-Porter, the ruthless fashion business simulation game designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek. The project has already received over $200,000 in pledges and is inching towards yet another stretch goal with over a week left in the campaign to go.

This week Tobie managed to secure a copy of My Happy Farm, a rather lighthearted farming game also published by Portal Games as well. Tobie just gets a kick out of feeding the animals so they stretch into longer, happier versions of themselves.

Then today my pre-order copy of Imperial Setters: Empires of the North also arrived. It's a distinct game experience from Imperial Settlers with a lot of similarities still. But it's a beautiful game that has a lot of Portal humor baked into it and I'm eager to play it again.

So yeah, it has been a very Portal-focused week. no regrets there given our love for Igancy and his scrappy little board game company.