02727: Oh What a World, What a World

As per PAGASA, the rainy season started back in June of this year. But the heat and humidity of this week tells a different story. If anything, it actually feels warmer now than it did a month ago, but that may be more because of how increased humidity leaves you feeling all icky and sticky. However, something feels pretty different about this month as I didn't feel the need to air conditioning during the regular summer months as much as I've been wanting to pull the trigger this week.

You can feel how strong the potential for rain is - but it's still not raining. And we really need more regular rain to address the drought plaguing Metro Manila. I'm only thankful that we haven't had no water periods here in BGC, but overall water pressure has been significantly weaker. It's always difficult to wish for rain since steady rains also make life very difficult in the metropolis, but it feels like the lesser evil at this point. We've resisted thus far and have mostly limited our AC use to when we have guests over for games, but I don't know how long we'll hold out if the weather stays as it is now.

Rain would be REALLY nice right now.