02720: Good Old Fishbowl Head

Last night Tobie caught an early screening of Spider-Man: Far From Home, or "The Mysterio Movie" as some like to joke. But it's not a totally inaccurate assessment of thing as Jake Gyllenhaal makes for a great Quentin Beck and is pretty awesome as the infamous Mysterio. And as much as you may enter the cinema with the elephant of Mysterio's comic book history sitting in the room as well, the movie will still manage to surprise you.

Mysterio is one of the quirkier villains in Spider-Man's rogue's gallery. As he comes from the early days of Spider-Man's history (he debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #13) the original character does not have any innate abilities. His backstory has him as an underappreciated movie special effects (or these days practical effects) man who turns to a life of crime. But his skills with creating different illusions and such didn't give him super strength or anything like that. In the end, he was just a regular guy who thought that wearing a big purple cape with green spandex and a fishbowl helmet was a really good idea.

I can't think of a great Mysterio solo story just yet as a lot of his more striking adventures involved his membership with the cadre of villains known as the Sinister Six.  And while he was quasi-leader at times and he'd always get in a trick or two, in the end Spider-Man would get past all his traps and manage to break the glass and knock him out with one punch. Totally predictable but still glorious.

It's so nice to have him interpreted in such a interesting fashion in a big blockbuster movie.