0271F: Comedic Melancholy

The fourth season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is finally on Netflix and the show continues to explore complex issues through absurdity, comedy and random musical numbers. In my book, it's right up there with the likes of BoJack Horseman in terms of how it surprisingly manages to tackle mental health concerns in a manner that is both respectful but artfully funny.

And at this point, the show has really evolved into a whole new dynamic given the protagonist is now a lot more aware of her own failings as depicted in the past seasons and is still on the road to recovery. And to remain rather realistic, she's not magically better now and continues to make some really bad decisions. But she continues to work through her issues and at least sees a therapist, even if only sporadically depicted on TV.

How do people write stories like this? It goes beyond just trying to be accurate or true to how such issues can affect a person day to day. It also requires a good vision for how to make it funny without being insulting or belittling the struggles of people's problems. It's all so amazing, really.  And this is the sort of complex comedy that elevates things to a different level and leaves you feeling a lot more satisfied having watched it. Good times.