0271A: Losing Sariwon?

As Tobie had come from a meeting in the Uptown area, we ended up meeting up for dinner at Sariwon so as not to completely waste his long walk. Sariwon has been one of our happy go-to food escapes that still more or less work with keto provided I'm careful.

However, in the past few months, it feels like the overall quality of service at the BGC branch has been on the decline. Tobie repeatedly mutters his speculation of "new management" being the reason for the change in service quality. It started as a joke but more and more it feels like the best explanation for things.

Before it felt like the restaurant was ridiculously overstaffed with a waiter or waitress assigned to watch 2-3 tables at a time not counting some of the roving staff bringing out food from the kitchen. Now the overall number of staff in the dining area has distinctly gone down and the effort needed to get your sides refilled or even another glass of water has gone up significantly.

The biggest change came today whenever a lot of the sides and even the kimchi tasted oddly sweeter tonight. And that's really not great with my keto since I don't need hidden sugars thrown into the meal. It's hard enough to find the only non-marinated meat for grilling on the menu just to minimize the risk to my diet. And it's sad that things seem to be going in this direction.

Maybe they just rotated staff with another branch, hence all the new faces. Or maybe a bunch of folks didn't get regularized and now they have a significant number of new employees onboard who are all still learning the ropes. In other words, one can hope that this is all a temporary thing and that things will get better in time.

Lastly, our favorite waiter was missing today. That makes things extra sad.