02718: Rainy Day Appreciation

Moving to BGC despite the higher cost of living in the area remains to be one of the better decisions we've made in recent years. As much as we loved the quirky nature of living in Cubao and so near Araneta Center, in the long run being in BGC has been a lot more strategic.

It boils down to how bad Metro Manila traffic has gotten over the years, thus making it necessary to be closer to work in order to avoid more and more time lost to getting to and from the office. This is especially true on rainy nights like this when the slightest downpour is enough hours to the travel time needed to just get out of BGC itself.

I still wish that we had ended up in a condo that allowed pets. At the time we were looking for a place the priority was getting to BGC within our budget and this unit was still the best option. It's a nice little space and we still like the area but after a few years, it does make us wonder if we should put some effort into exploring other options within the area. But that time will come.

For now the Sietch is home and a very good one. We know we're fortunate that things have panned out that this location remains quite strategically beneficial in terms of getting to and from our respective office (at least for now) and we'll take what we can get for as long as we can.