02715: Omelet Focus

Saturdays are family time as they're when I visit to check on everyone's meds and share a meal or two. This is typically some form of brunch (as I never have breakfast before walking over) and sometimes we'll go around BGC. It's a fun part of my week and it ensures that I see my parents on a more regular basis.

Plus filling pillboxes has become quite the relaxing and comforting activity.

This morning we ventured to a different place for brunch and that always presents a bit of a challenge for my keto life. But thankfully most breakfast places offer some sort of an omelet and I end up focusing on that. The best options allow me to customize my omelet entirely and don't automatically include bread with it. Obviously, keto means no carbs means no bread and I'd rather order something that doesn't come with bread by default versus getting into the oddly complicated discussion with the staff that I am totally fine if they don't serve the bread but still charge the same amount of the meal.

After all that, it's back to the Sietch for whichever tabletop game session is scheduled for the night. And on other nights like this one, there's also O Bar to consider later on. It all makes for quite the fulfilling Saturday experience.