02712: Early Walking Experiment

This is keto. Fun, right?

Tobie has been on an earlier work schedule this week and I've noted two things:
1. I really only sleep for six hours. So when I sleep earlier to match Tobie more, I wake up approximately 6 hours later.
2. I am more likely to wake up within an hour of Tobie leaving the Sietch for work. Maybe part of my brain realizes that he's no longer beside me and so I wake up?

So today I was awake before 07:00am and I eventually dragged myself out of the Sietch to take a walk. Tobie had suggested that maybe I should try to exercise during the extra hours in the morning and so I figured a walk around the area would be pretty interesting. And at the very least it would be better than just being on the treadmill in the condo's rather modest (read: small) gym.

It wasn't anything overly strenuous, but I managed to stay in a good fat burn zone as per my Fitbit's post-exercise report. And by the end of the 40+ minute walk around the neighborhood I was actually trying to push a bit more by maintaining a brisker walking pace. So that was rather nice.

A ridiculously hot friend has suggested that I invest in wrist weights more than ankle weights to balance out all my cardio activities. We both agreed that I'm approaching a point in this weight loss journey when I'll need to start considering toning in order to pull all the looser flabby parts of my body into more visually appealing places versus where they're hanging out now.

Slowly but surely, folks. Just gotta keep pushing.