02710: At Least Lunch Was Good

My quick keto lunch today consisted of some of the broccoli-cauliflower fried rice that Tobie and I had for brunch yesterday and some cheesy sausages I had boiled at the office. It may not seem like much but it was one of the highlights of my day. One must always celebrate the little things in life, especially when things don't necessarily go your way.

No day is truly completely perfect and this one certainly had more than its fair share of curve balls and complications. I try not to bring such frustrations home but I had to vent to Tobie as my walk home was insufficient to quell the thoughts in my head. It was just one more thing not going well among others and no one wants to accumulate that sort of stuff. But life is what it is and the human experience is all about how we deal with such challenges and roll with the punches.

And I'd like to think my mom raised me to be a fighter when it's needed. But not the irrational sort of rage fighting that a lot of people resort to. One has to remain smart on how one deals with problems and challenges and never let emotions get the better of oneself after all. Being the screaming banshee never helps your case.

But enough for now. We deal with it tomorrow.