0270E: TAG Sessions on the Road

Today Tobie moderated a panel on tabletop games at the 10th Philippine International Literary Festival together with other friends involved in the local community. The focus of the talk was "Better Self Through Play" and for 90 minutes they talked about all the awesome things about tabletop role-playing games beyond the fact that they're a lot of fun.

I love it when Tobie gets to share his passion for gaming in events like these. He really believes in the power of these games to enable great stories while helping people become better over time and that really comes across when he has speaking engagements like this. And so I'm always eager to support in however I can even if it mostly translates to social media coverage.

This is the second time we've been given the chance to participate in the PILF but the first time that Tobie gets to present more original material beyond last year's impromptu hosting of a panel. We also had a tiny booth to share to represent the hobby and friends rallied to showcase different RPG products and help explain what exactly it is we do when we huddle around a table with paper, pencils, and dice. The PILF audience isn't a perfect fit for our particular brand of quirkiness but it's important to continue to work on increasing awareness and pushing for more exposure for the hobby as a creative medium for stories in the country. More and more people are trying to go beyond being players or GMs and becoming outright creators of micro-settings or full system books and that initiative needs to be supported.

And after all the craziness and adrenaline of today's event, we'll be headed to O Bar for their special Independence Day-themed show. It's going to be a great way to mark an already amazing weekend.