02706: Friday Openings

Changes with Tobie's schedules at work is opening up our Friday schedules more as a weird side-effect. The former Friday games will now have to compete for space during Saturdays and Sundays, but that still leaves Friday open for other options.

Tobie's stepping up game planning so we'll at least host a few one-shot RPG sessions here and there as part of his #TAGbites effort to offer open tables for curious gamers. And this may solve the question of when we might have time for newer players.

The other option I'm floating is for more casual board game nights that I'll offer to my Twitter circles since I have a few friends there who have expressed interest but have yet to make the crossing to the official Facebook group. And it always helps to get more people into tabletop gaming as a hobby in order to eventually introduce them to RPGs.

And then there's always O Bar. We haven't been going all that often on Fridays because of different gaming obligations and this schedule change may open that door again. Ironically we've been going more on Saturdays because of different events. And anyone who knows us when it comes to O Bar nights would appreciate that we find Saturdays to be very, very stressful. Oh the things we do for the love of drag queens.