02705: Starting a New Laundry Cycle

Our long-running washing machine drama is finally coming to a close. Early this year the dryer function of the washing machine that came with the unit stopped working and the cost to repair was too much for the owner - and understandably so. Thus the only course of action left was to get rid of it.

But given the owner of our unit isn't based in the country, coordinating approval to get it pulled out literally took months. It was only this May that we finally for official permission in the form of a notification email to the building administration and thus we're finally getting a replacement.

I did some research over the week, confirmed availability at the nearby Abensons and came to a purchasing decision today. I sort of wish that I had just gone for it the other day as it turns out the installation folks are different from the delivery team and so we need two separate visits to get the thing fully set up.

If we're lucky, the machine will be delivered early Saturday and then installed in the afternoon. If we're not so lucky, it'll get delivered late and installation will have to wait for next week. And I REALLY don't want to wait for next week to do laundry since I already assumed we'd get it running this weekend and did not bother to bring clothes to the condo's laundry shop earlier in the week.

I'm really excited about the machine though. Seriously, anyone who knows me well knows that I love to do laundry and it's been frustrating not being able to do so efficiently in recent months given the non-functioning heating element. It'll feel really good to wash our own clothes again instead of relying on a service that uses the most elusive tags to track laundry batches.

Fingers and toes crossed!