02868: Weight Shift

This morning I weighed in at 86.6kg. This is still fairly far from my long-term weight goal, but it represents a nice little trend in my weight this week.

For over a month I've been stuck in a serious weight plateau between 89 and 90 kg. It's been a sucky feeling and admittedly frustrating, but I've done my best to stick to my keto efforts. These plateaus happen from time to time but this definitely felt like one of the much longer ones. But thankfully efforts have been paying off for the most part.

The current drop feels a little steep but nothing I haven't been through before. And it's one of those weeks where I actually feel thinner, which is not very common in any weight loss journey. The changes tend to escape notice until they get pretty drastic or something along those lines. It's a good feeling though. I hope things continue on steadily.