02867: Forecasts

The weather today has been rather odd. You can feel the promise of rain but something is holding it back. But the humidity is there and there's a bit of a chill in the evening air, but still no rain. There have been overcast moments here and there only to be contrasted by stretches of bright summer sunlight. Make up your mind, tropical weather!

So it looks like the coming weekend is going to be a pretty busy one given a mix of more gaming and some family stuff. It's one of those full weekends that have games on both Friday and Saturday with Sunday kept free for family.

I'm looking forward to the family being all together again. Sure we were all in Singapore just last Holy Week, which wasn't too long ago. But any amount of time apart from family can feel too long especially given how close. Next week is going to be pretty interesting. Then I'll follow them back to Singapore during the week after for a work conference.

But first, we all need to get through this work week. You all know the drill.