02866: Gah Monday

So in the end, the Philippine Table-Top Facebook group removed Tobie as a member. On the one hand, I know it's just a Facebook group and they hardly represent the local gaming community as a whole. On the other, it's annoying and frustrating that people are getting away with this nonsense. And I hate the fact that Tobie has to go through all this. It's an exhausting, emotionally draining experience.

But many friends have reached out and reiterated their support for him as a Storyteller and member of the community, which really means a lot to us at this point.

I stand by Tobie not just because I'm his partner but more because I was there during all those games. And we weren't alone - there have been other players outside of the small circle of former friends who have decided to invest way too much time trying to execute this clumsy attempt at character assassination against him. They can attest to how the games went and what happened - and more importantly what didn't.

Gaming is supposed to be about fun. I wish people didn't have to complicate things with petty politicking and schoolyard antics like this.