02862: Surprise Rain

It's raining tonight. I doubt it will last all that long, but the cooler weather is certainly a respite from this summer season. It's not exactly the herald of the rainy season, but it's certainly a change of pace for today. Not sure what tomorrow will be like. Despite tonight's rain, tomorrow may be another scorching, sunny day. But it's just the weather. We continue on.

I wouldn't mind a dry morning if it means that I don't get drenched going to work. I could bring an umbrella just in case, of course, but that's always a bit cumbersome since I'm not too big on flimsier foldable umbrellas. But I guess we shouldn't complain all that much - the rains are direly needed to help refill the city's water supply and hopefully resolve the sporadic water outages still plaguing the metropolis.

Do we wish for fair weather or hope for rainy weather? Not everyone can handle rainier weather after all. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads during bad weather.

There's no ideal outcome, really. We work with what we have as best we can. And we keep moving forward.