02861: Labor Day Gaming

So we managed to get a few friends to join us for some Labor Day gaming as a way to make the most of the holiday. Today's group of players were a mix of old and new players and various skill levels so we ended up bringing out a lot of the games that don't see as much circulation. This was especially necessary as we had a total of 5 players at the table, which further restricts what games fit.

But that's the joy of having a ridiculously large collection of board games. We've made sure to have games that cover a variety of play styles and levels of difficulty in order to handle different gaming groups. The bigger challenge is mixing and matching games to what might work for the players at the table and the amount of time left to game but Tobie's pretty good at figuring this out while I chime in when I can.

Today brought out some old favorites like Sushi Go Party and the always fun Citadels. I hadn't realized how much I had missed playing these games until we brought them out of storage. Funny how that works out.

Well, we have work again tomorrow. Gotta roll with it.