0269E: Sariwon Delight

So we've ended up at Sariwon twice in one week because it's a really great place to eat, it's surprisingly affordable, and we're creatures of habit.

The quality of the service at the restaurant has always been one of the biggest reasons we keep going back. For the most part, the serving staff is generally very attentive and they make sure that all side dishes are regularly refilled. Even this week after what seems to be a significant rotation in staff at the BGC branch, service quality is still pretty great and now they're pretty obsessive about offering feedback forms to every diner at the end of the meal.

It's not an unlimited Korean barbecue buffet but they still offer pretty good value for money. Before we'd indulge in their diverse set meals and ended up feeling a little too full. Now we just order ala carte and supplement generously with side dishes to end up feeling very satisfied. And given their food was made with a diabetic in mind along with some keto-friendly non-marinated meat options, I'm still able to go despite being on keto.

And so we keep going back. Keto severely limits my food options when we eat out and as much as we still put some effort into trying out new places here and there, more and more Sariwon becomes the "safer" and more reliable option that we keep going back to.

And I just spent a blog post talking about how much we enjoy eating there because I'm that sort of a guy.