0269D: Data Transference

In my call center days, we once supported a client whose main product was a solution for transferring files from one computer to another. It felt like an overly niche product for something that could be solved by conventional networking but they had some steady business so clearly, there was a demand.

I've in the middle of a laptop migration as well and I'm still feeling the pain of tricky it can be to get a new computer fully configured to be like your last one. Even with my networking knowledge, moving large amounts of data is still a pretty tedious process. There's the option of moving everything to an external hard drive then connecting that drive to the new computer as one option. The other is sharing the old computer's hard drives on the network and transferring the files wirelessly over the network.

In my efforts to identify other ways of transferring files (plus the fact my old laptop wasn't appearing in the local network) and I even found that I can use Bluetooth to transfer files between Bluetooth-enabled laptops. The only challenge is that it only seems to handle files selected directly and ignores entire folders. Thus the process was not the ideal solution for moving about 96GB of personal data from one computer to another.

In the end, I'm going for the wireless file transfer option as it seems to be the most convenient. It's just bogs down the internet at the Sietch a wee bit, which is understandable given the volume of data being processed. It's not great and it's funny how there still isn't a simpler way to do this and I can totally understand how it becomes a heck of a lot more appealing to try to live with most if not all of your data in the cloud. This is really a thing!