0269C: The Uno Mystery

Throughout this month, Tobie and I have spotted random Uno cards amid the landscaping of the Essensa condos next door. They've been littered in different spots along our walk to work and what has been rather nutty is how it has been different cards at different times.

I'm sure the landscaping crews have been cleaning up some of the cards since over time they disappear. But for one reason or another, new cards seem to take their place and thus the mystery continues. The photos above document four different cards that I've spotted and I know there's like one or two others that I saw prior but didn't bother to take photos of.

The simplest explanation is that someone dropped several Uno cards and they've been flying around the landscape all this time. But given how long all of this has been going on, it does feel extra weird. Why do the cards keep appearing in such a limited fashion? Why is it always different cards? And if it's like a whole pack of Uno cards - shouldn't we see more of them clustered together? Instead, we keep seeing individual cards here and there but never more than one of them at a time.

Where are all these Uno cards coming from? We may never know.