0269A: Actual Grocery Shopping Again

Given our post-honestbee lives over the past month, our supplies at the Sietch have eventually run out and upon returning home from Singapore the first order of business was addressing that. We had done some incidental grocery runs after work here and there but in the end, a full shopping trip became inevitable.

We didn't have any games scheduled for today given my flight was scheduled for yesterday and so it was as good a time as any. It was fun to go aisle by aisle as grocery shopping is one of the more enjoyable domestic experiences out there. But it was a little shocking how we had managed to rack up a bill that was like over double what we'd normally manage in an honestbee run. But this was understandable given we had a longer period of restocking in mind and a lot of slow-moving items like cleaning products were part of today's shopping list.

Beyond that we had some wacky weather this afternoon and now Tobie is already asleep - I guess his rather busy Saturday has finally caught up on him and now he's paying the price. I'll join him soon enough after I settle a few more errands around the house. I'm still in my usual post-travel mood of setting the Sietch back into what I consider to be proper working order.