02696: Facebook Networking Days

Today we attended this year's Facebook APAC Partner Summit, which is a 2-day event for agencies and other Facebook partners. At the very least it was a pretty interesting day with different keynotes covering different Facebook products and trends they're seeing based on user activity across their platform together with other data sources. It wasn't necessarily all new stuff, but certainly a lot of things to think about together.

In my call center life, I had never gotten a chance to attend industry events like this given the nature of the positions I held while there and limited slots for such activities. So this particular event was quite the interesting venture and sometimes it's just nice to get invited to these sorts of things so that you can find out how other people think about social media or how other companies approach strategy. I'm hoping tomorrow's break-out sessions are more detailed versus the sort of broader keynotes we had today.

It's a shame that Google doesn't seem to have as many APAC-centric events of this nature for members of their Partners program, or at least none have really blipped on our radar. They've had a few ventures of working more closely with agencies but admittedly Facebook has consistently been a lot more proactive in reaching out. I love Google a lot but it would be nice to get some more love back even if we're not investing like millions of ad dollars into their platform.

Ah well, at the end of the day this is all just work stuff. At least it helps keep things interesting.