02695: Time Compression

The challenge of holiday work weeks is that they tend to involve the same amount of work but in a more limited period of time. Deadlines don't really move because you for a day off. That's all part of the reality of work. It's neither inherently good nor bad - it simply it's simply how things are.

Thus I'm all the more glad that we've managed to squeeze in some of the recreational side trips that have defined my Singapore experience over the years including a trip to Books Kinokuniya, a visit to Games@PI (formerly Paradigm Infinitum), and a social call or two along the way.

There are typically two people I consider visiting while in town and I'm glad we didn't miss out on a dinner meet-up this time around. Despite how often I'm here we don't always get to meet because of how real-life obligations like work tend to get in the way of things. There's actually still time for a repeat meeting or something along those lines provided we survive tomorrow's conference with our sanity intact.

I really should be sleeping already since we need to be a the venue by like 08:30am but there's still a bit of work they I want to get done first and maybe I can manage the much before bed.

Sleeping is the easy part. Waking up on time is always the real challenge.