02693: Another Week in Singapore

So after a week of having my sister and her family in Manila, I'm back in Singapore with them. On the whole, it means that I get two weeks with my nephew Mason, which is pretty awesome when you get down to it.

This was also my first time to fly business class! As if I didn't already love Singapore Airlines enough. I can see why people invest in this sort of thing versus just flying economy. Sure, flying economy is a lot more practical from a budget perspective, but this marks the first time I've genuinely enjoyed flying. Periodically having my nephew to entertain during the flight was an incidental factor to all this.

There were some weird incidents along the way though, like how my laundry service was late and so a lot of the clothes I planned to bring were not ready in time or my odd discussion with the Singaporean Immigration officer about the nature of address formats in the country. But on the whole, it was a pretty painless experience.

And now I'm busy getting a new work laptop setup to my usual specifications. Sync services for things like desktop configurations and browser extensions go a long way towards making this process as simple as possible. How did we use to do this before cloud-based sync services?