0268E: Earned Cake Moment

It's hard to talk about the recent mid-term elections because the results were ultimately unsurprising. Like many others, I had hoped that things might somehow turn out different from conventional expectations, but after 2016 I think we all know well enough to exercise caution when it comes to such aspirations.

It just means there's a lot more work that needs to get done. More education efforts are needed. For now, people need to hold the line, not lose hope and just keep fighting. And man, 2022 should be interesting.

Today I shared some Conti's Mango Bravo with Tobie over dinner with family. It's one of the are indulgences I go for despite keto and thus far I've managed to keep the amount of cake consumed to a minimum level so as not to derail my keto for too long. Plus it's a cake that doesn't taste overly sweet after 8 months of sugar deprivation. And believe me, some dishes no longer taste as great as they used to after being on keto for this long the few times I've tried indulging here and there during this keto journey.

But I also discovered that I now fit into Large size shirts at Old Navy as opposed to my usual XL shirts. I've been wearing XL sized shirts (and larger) for most of my adult life, so this is a sort of a big deal. I still have a ways to go but these moments are great for motivation. And so a little cake feels a lot more earned.