0268C: Sunday Festivities

Today made for a different kind of Mother's Day as it was also Mason's baptism. It took some juggling to arrange for a baptism ceremony on fairly short notice given available travel dates but somehow things fell into place. And what we ended up with was perhaps one of the most efficient baptisms that resolved within 20 minutes.

We had ended so early, it was well before our projected dinner plans and so we had to improvise. Thus instead of waiting for the big buffet at Shangri-La, we opted for the much closer Las Flores, which is always a hearty place to eat with some excellent tapas. I couldn't eat half the dishes because of keto, but I was not without sufficient food options either.

Tomorrow is Election Day but it's still a work day for us given we operate Singapore hours. I don't expect to have great attendance tomorrow as it's only natural that people will need to take time to vote. I just hope that there won't be any untoward incidents during the elections.

Even without the Elections, this week is going to be pretty busy. See you all on the other side!