0285E: Tobie's Epic Birthday Weekend

Whew, that was truly one HECK of a weekend. And I'm glad that Tobie's birthday celebrations somehow spilled over into different aspects of our shared lives to result in a really great celebration of his annual journey around the sun.

There was the epic O Bar birthday celebration on Thursday night that included a lot of good friends all showing up at the bar at the right time and ended with us singing and dancing to Abba songs on stage together with the fabulous O Divas.

We somehow managed to wake up on Friday morning to catch Avengers: Endgame despite being rather hungover. Then we had a great RPG session for our on-going Changeling game and Tobie received a Mango Bravo cake - his favorite.

Saturday involved family time (or at least time allotted to family in my case) and ended with a great overnight board game session with the Finer Gaming Things Club, who remain to be some of our best board gaming friends. They even got Tobie a keto-friendly cake so I could better join in the celebrations alongside what looks like a very delicious crepe cake.

Today we made our way to Intramuros for Philippine Design Week as Tobie was slated to give a short talk and participate in a panel on game design together with other tabletop game designers. We were already familiar or even friends with all the other speakers as we've been in different game events together and it was quite the fun afternoon. But more importantly, this was kind of a big deal as it was another government organization recognizing the efforts of the growing independent tabletop gaming community in a pretty serious way.

Favorite quotes from the day include "what's a mangrove?" and "Copyright is meant to promote culture."

We topped things off with a great dinner at Sariwon, our favorite Korean barbeque place in BGC. It has been a very good weekend indeed. And tomorrow we're expecting some new board games that just arrived from the US! Crazy!