02855: Maximum Holiday

Today was our last full day in Singapore. It's also a public holiday for Good Friday. And wow, we got a LOT done.

Our morning started with a really great breakfast at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant. I had only eaten here once before when I wasn't on keto and had really enjoyed the experience. I was a little worried that today's venture wouldn't be as fun for me since I wouldn't be able to enjoy their excellent bread rolls and other tasty stuffed buns. But Vince made sure to order a lot of things that we could all enjoy together despite my self-imposed dietary restrictions and I was largely able to stay keto while also getting to enjoy the excellent dimsum prepared at this restaurant.

Naturally, the next stop was Books Kinokuniya, which is in the same mall as East Ocean and we managed to keep our Kino time to under an hour as we secured our different book purchases. This was not the easiest thing to do given little Mason started to get impatient with us as book shopping time had crossed into nap time.

The next stop, which was the big one, was to head over to Sentosa for different activities. It was a way to humor the fact that I had signed up for the first Pokemon Go Safari event in Southeast Asia that just happened to coincide with this Holy Week trip to Singapore and give Mason a unique experience - in this case the S.E.A. Aquarium that was also at Sentosa.

So we split up for the day and I made the trek all the way down to Palawan Beach where the bulk of the Pokemon action was. It felt weird to have gone all this way to play a mobile game but I was among many others who were doing the same thing (perhaps more seriously than I was) and so I just went with it. I think was most amused me was how so many of the players were significantly older than me - I'm talking people who looked like senior citizens. And these folks were juggling 2-3 phones at a time just to catch 'em all.

That should have wrapped up the day but I still squeezed in a trip to Games@PI before heading home and ended up grabbing additional expansions for Settlers of Catan.

Now I need to get everything packed so we don't end up rushing as much tomorrow morning. Our flight is after lunch but it means that we need to get everything squared away plus we need to check out of this service apartment before dealing with the usual rigors of air travel and its related security requirements.

It was a great, tiring day.