02854: Thursday Progress

With respect to this Singapore trip, today was definitely more of a work day than a vacation day. And it was a pretty fulfilling day as we got a lot of things done and I had a pretty good meeting with the client and I ended my day feeling fairly accomplished. There's still a lot of work left to settle next week but it can wait for Monday and so we enter the long weekend feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow is definitely more of a recreational day and we have a full schedule set. We're looking forward to a good breakfast, a Books Kinokuniya run and possibly a fairly full day at Sentosa to bring Mason to the S.E.A. Aquarium while I may end up actually participating in the Pokemon Go Safari Zone event tomorrow. I don't think I'll invest the entire day on Pokemon but it does seem like there's a lot to do apart from just playing the game itself. I'm just not looking forward to walking around in the warm summer weather, but it can't be helped.

And yes, today is that day but there's not much to say about things apart from that I only remember because I set a reminder for today but I don't really know what else I ought to do on this day. I'm not all that angry anymore, so I guess that's progress. I just don't feel much else either.