02853: Running Out of Singapore Time

While back home the Holy Week holiday long weekend has begun, here in Singapore I still have work tomorrow. I at least have the Friday holiday to look forward to but in the interim, there's still a lot that needs to get done before we can officially close out the week.

But this also means that our family time in Singapore is also drawing to a close. People have mostly stayed home and have largely focused on maximizing time with Mason. With the not-so-little guy being the youngest member of the family, a lot of attention naturally goes his way. And we're all glad to spend time with him - he's quite the darling child and a true delight to entertain. As much as we still have work to deal with, all other time has pretty much been dedicated to him.

I haven't gone through my other usual Singapore checklist items like visiting Games@PI to check out their board game stocks or even Books Kinokuniya, which really celebrates a hobby that most of us enjoy together, for obvious reasons. But there are still two full days left in this trip and Saturday morning for us to cover all the bases. Let's see how far things will go.

In the meantime, I need to prepare for bed as I still have work in the morning including a meeting in the afternoon. Busy, busy, busy!